Crawl & Toddle Commercial Playsets

Crawl & Toddle Commercial Playsets


$ 3,793 95

Platform Material: reset
Coated Foam
Coated Steel
Age Range:
6 - 23 Months

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The Crawl & Toddle Commercial Playset from UltraPlay is a creative and fun way for toddlers to explore and build strength. Play elements such as a cruise rail, spinning shapes and gears, bubble panel and visual wheel provide endless opportunities for entertainment and exercise. Its design and safety features are ideal for children six months - two years old. The ramps and steps are padded and the side panels have rounded edges. Handholds are placed throughout the playset to support new walkers and cruisers. UltraPlay's Crawl & Toddle Playset is available with either a coated steel or ComfyTuff® flexible polyurethane foam platform. Made in the U.S.A.

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