12 pk. - Raid Ant & Roach Killer 2-Packs - Fragrance-Free

SKU: SJN-697322CT



Fast-acting insecticide instantly eradicates ants and roaches on contact and keeps working with residual action for up to four weeks. Advanced formula works without leaving behind any chemical odor for discreet use in busy areas. Easy-to-use aerosol can uses broad spray patterns to cover wide areas with minimal effort. Multipurpose insecticide is also perfect for eliminating waterbugs, palmetto bugs, silverfish, carpet beetles, earwigs, spiders, lady beetles, black widow spiders and more.

Key Features

  • Kills ants and roaches on contact and keeps killing with residual action for up to 4 weeks
  • Also kills silverfish, crickets, earwigs, household spiders, multicolored Asian Lady Beetles, stinkbugs
  • Leaves no lingering chemical odor
  • Easy-to-use roach spray can be applied to surfaces where ants and roaches may be infesting


  • Assembly Required: No
  • Color: Multi
  • Packaged Quantity: 12 / Carton
  • Pest Control: Ants
  • Pest Control: Cockroaches
  • Pest Control: Waterbug
  • Pest Control: Palmetto Bug
  • Pest Control: Silverfish
  • Pest Control: Carpet Beetle
  • Pest Control: Earwig
  • Pest Control: Spider
  • Pest Control: Lady Beetle
  • Pest Control: Black Widow Spider
  • Pesticide Type: Spray
  • Pesticide Volume: 17.50 fl oz
  • Recycled: No
  • This product cannot be returned.
  • Estimated Lead Time: Ships within 1 - 2 business days
  • Shipping Method: Ground
  • Weight: 16.30 pounds