Clear Acrylic Room Dividers

Clear Acrylic Room Dividers


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3' 4"

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Screenflex's Clear Acrylic Room Divider allows you to section off areas of your room and still have an unobstructed view of activity on the other side. The clear room divider is made of 3/16" thick OPTIX acrylic, a non-yellowing, lightweight and highly impact-resistant material that is three times stronger than standard double-strength window glass. In addition to separating spaces, the room divider serves as an attractive markerboard surface, allowing you to write notes directly on the surface. Wet erase markers work best. The sturdy extruded aluminum channel framing prevents warping and instability year after year. Roll the room divider into place with ease on the self-leveling casters. The Screenflex Clear Acrylic Room Divider comes backed by a three-year warranty.

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