Dust Mop Kits - Multi-Pack

Dust Mop Kits - Multi-Pack


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Looking for new dust mops? O-Cedar Dust Mop Kits include everything you need for a dust-free facility. You will receive cotton cut-end dust mops, dust mop frames and 60" long metal handles. The dust mop is made from traditional long, stapled, tightly twisted virgin natural cotton yarn for years of use. The 5" frame is made of 1/4" rust-resistant durable steel rod and attaches to the metal handle. A sliding collar locks the handle into position, allowing for 360 degrees of movement. Reach every corner of your floor with ease when you choose O-Cedar Dust Mop Kits.

Order your dust mop kits online or over the phone. Call our friendly sales team at (877) 839-3330 for assistance.