Steel Series Science Lab Tables

Steel Series Science Lab Tables


$ 235 75 - $ 695 75

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18"W x 42"L
18"W x 48"L
18"W x 54"L
18"W x 60"L
18"W x 72"L
18"W x 84"L
18"W x 96"L
24"W x 24"L
24"W x 30"L
24"W x 36"L
24"W x 42"L
24"W x 48"L
24"W x 54"L
24"W x 60"L
24"W x 72"L
24"W x 84"L
24"W x 96"L
30"W x 30"L
30"W x 36"L
30"W x 42"L
30"W x 48"L
30"W x 60"L
30"W x 72"L
30"W x 84"L
30"W x 96"L
36"W x 36"L
36"W x 42"L
36"W x 48"L
36"W x 60"L
36"W x 72"L
36"W x 84"L
36"W x 96"L
42"W x 42"L
42"W x 60"L
42"W x 72"L
48"W x 48"L
48"W x 60"L
48"W x 72"L
48"W x 96"L

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Need new lab tables? The National Public Seating Science Lab Table with Steel Legs is sturdy, attractive and affordable, making it an excellent choice for your classroom. The tabletop comes standard in scratch-resistant laminate and is fused to the frame with heavy-duty screws. Upgrade to a chemical resistant laminate or phenolic resin top for an additional charge. This durable science table has a 16-gauge steel frame apron and 14-gauge steel legs. Industrial-grade lock nuts keep legs firmly connected to frame, even after years of heavy use. National Public Seating Science Tables are MAS Certified Green and backed by a ten-year warranty.

Select from several sizes and order online or over the phone. Call our sales team at (877) 839-3330 and we will gladly assist you.