Heavy Duty Whiteboard Utility Tables

Heavy Duty Whiteboard Utility Tables


$ 285 15 - $ 796 40

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18"W x 42"L
18"W x 48"L
18"W x 54"L
18"W x 60"L
18"W x 72"L
18"W x 84"L
18"W x 96"L
24"W x 24"L
24"W x 30"L
24"W x 36"L
24"W x 42"L
24"W x 48"L
24"W x 54"L
24"W x 60"L
24"W x 72"L
24"W x 84"L
24"W x 96"L
30"W x 30"L
30"W x 36"L
30"W x 42"L
30"W x 48"L
30"W x 60"L
30"W x 72"L
30"W x 84"L
30"W x 96"L
36"W x 36"L
36"W x 42"L
36"W x 48"L
36"W x 60"L
36"W x 72"L
36"W x 84"L
36"W x 96"L
42"W x 42"L
42"W x 60"L
42"W x 72"L
48"W x 48"L
48"W x 60"L
48"W x 72"L
48"W x 96"L

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The National Public Seating Heavy Duty Whiteboard Utility Table allows for collaboration and creativity right at your workspace. This utility table features a 1 1/4" thick top with a high-pressure laminate finish that resists scratches and stains. Write notes and ideas directly on the whiteboard surface and erase as needed. The extremely durable table is supported by a 16-gauge steel frame apron and 14-gauge steel legs. It also features a 12-gauge leg-base that is fastened to the tabletop with four heavy-duty screws; each is inserted into the frame using a strong welded hangar bolt. Simple-adjust glides keep your table from wobbling.

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