Butcher Block Top Utility Tables

Butcher Block Top Utility Tables


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18"W x 42"L
18"W x 48"L
18"W x 54"L
18"W x 60"L
18"W x 72"L
18"W x 84"L
18"W x 96"L
24"W x 30"L
24"W x 36"L
24"W x 42"L
24"W x 48"L
24"W x 54"L
24"W x 60"L
24"W x 72"L
24"W x 84"L
24"W x 96"L
30"W x 36"L
30"W x 42"L
30"W x 48"L
30"W x 60"L
30"W x 72"L
30"W x 84"L
30"W x 96"L
36"W x 42"L
36"W x 48"L
36"W x 60"L
36"W x 72"L
36"W x 84"L
36"W x 96"L
42"W x 60"L
42"W x 72"L
48"W x 60"L
48"W x 72"L
48"W x 96"L

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Available in a huge selection of sizes, the National Public Seating Butcher Block Top Utility Table is an attractive, durable place to work on projects, science experiments, Makerspace activities and more. This utility table features a 1 3/4" thick maple top that absorbs sound and impact. The tabletop is coated with a urethane-based satin finish to prevent permanent stains. Heavy-gauge steel corner brackets and tabletop support tabs prevent wobbling for precision measurements and applications. The leg base is connected to the tabletop in two ways for extra support - four heavy-duty screws are inserted into the frame using a strong welded hangar bolt and through frame corner brackets with industrial-grade nylon-insert lock nuts. The National Public Seating Butcher Block Top Utility Table supports up to 500 pounds and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

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