Modular Room Divider Wall Systems

Modular Room Divider Wall Systems


$ 332 95 - $ 505 95

Unit Style: reset
Add-On Wall
Starter Wall
Wall Size:
53"W x 48"H
53"W x 70"H
70"W x 48"H
70"W x 70"H

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The Luxor Modular Room Divider Wall creates privacy and separation in your classroom or office. Each wall comes with acrylic and PET pieces that can be configured to best fit your space. The PET panels are covered with gray fabric so they look great and absorb up to 85 percent of ambient noise. Notes and reminders can be tacked right to the PET surface. The frosted acrylic panels allow light to pass through but still offer some privacy. Clean the acrylic panels with up to 75% isopropyl alcohol. The acrylic panels can double as a whiteboard when used with water-soluble dry-erase markers.

Freestanding starter walls come with two vertical supports and can be used with add-on walls or alone. Add-on walls have only one vertical support, therefore they cannot be used alone and must be attached to a starter wall. Call our sales team at (877) 839-3330 with questions.