Uniframe Mobile Bench Cafeteria Tables

Uniframe Mobile Bench Cafeteria Tables


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The Uniframe Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table is easy to open, close and move, making it a perfect choice for busy cafeterias and multi-purpose dining areas. Its innovative folding mechanism uses torsional and pneumatic energy for effortless, controlled movement. The gravity down-lock prevents unintended folding and can be released from either side. Once the table is folded, a storage lock automatically engages for safety. The tabletop and benches are constructed of scratch-resistant laminate with protective vinyl edging. The unitized steel frame features twelve-inch ABS plastic glides to protect floors from damage. Casters lift off the floor when the table is open, and have tamper-resistant covers to prevent unwanted movement. When nested, Uniframe Tables have a small footprint for hassle-free storage and floor cleaning. Backed by a 15-year warranty. Choose from three sizes.

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