Steel Collegiate Volleyball Net System - 3 1/2" Upright Diameter



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Jaypro Sports' Steel Collegiate Net System is durable and versatile, providing a high-quality setup for players of all ages. This set includes two 3 1/2" diameter uprights with worm drive winch, a Flex Net, standard pads & antennae with net tape. The steel uprights feature pin-stop height adjustment that allows for 16 different net heights ranging from 6' 6" to 8' 2". Recommended for high school, collegiate and international use. The Flex Net eliminates the need for messy cables, replacing them with heavy-duty woven nylon top and bottom bands. The uprights are designed to fit 3 1/2" diameter sleeves or 4" sleeves with sleeve adapters (not included).

Key Features

  • Includes uprights, Flex Net, worm drive winch, standard pads and antennae with net tape
  • Comes with pin stop height adjustment from 6' 6" to 8' 2"
  • Recommended for high school and collegiate use


  • Upright Material: 3 1/2" O.D. steel
  • Weight: 152.00 pounds