LadyPro Carbon Women's Volleyball Systems

LadyPro Carbon Women's Volleyball Systems


$ 6,469 95 - $ 6,771 95

Upright Diameter: reset
3 1/2"

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Weighing less than 21 pounds, Jaypro Sports' LadyPro Carbon Women's Volleyball System is safe and easy for anyone to set up or tear down. This set includes two uprights with winch, Flex Net, upright padding and antennae. The poles are made of carbon composite materials that are extremely lightweight and still feature the durability of steel poles. The Flex Net requires no cumbersome cables, instead using top and bottom bands for adjusting tension. The system is designed exclusively for women's volleyball with an official height of 7' 4 7/8". Uprights are backed by a 10-year limited warranty. Meets all NCAA,MFSHA and USVBA specifications.

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