KYDZ Suite Accordion Panels

KYDZ Suite Accordion Panels


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24 1/2"
29 1/2"
35 1/2"

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Jonti-Craft's KYDZ Suite Accordion Panels expand in width from 24" to 36" to fill spaces that traditional-sized panels cannot. The adjustment knob is on the outside to keep children from reaching it. The double-sided Birch plywood surface has a clear acrylic finish that's both eco-friendly and durable. To connect Accordion Panels to other KYDZ Suite modular pieces, simply attach the Hubs and Hub Connector Tabs to the solid Maple frames. Panels can be set into the Hubs at eight different angles, so there are endless sizes and shapes you can create. Accordion Panels are available in three heights.

For help with the dimensions or layout of your KYDZ Suite order, give us a call at (877) 839-3330. We're happy to assist you.