Premium Tech Tub2

Premium Tech Tub2


$ 267 95 - $ 550 95

Description: reset
Holds 10 Devices
Holds 6 Devices
USB Hub:

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Need a better way to store your electronical devices? The Copernicus Premium Tech Tub2 is a smart choice for educators on the go. This heavy-duty plastic tech tub is designed to handle wear and tear, providing a safe, secure place to store and charge devices. Adjustable dividers prevent your laptops and tablets from colliding, and built-in cable management keeps cords neat, organized and out of the way. Carrying the tech tub is easy, thanks to built-in handles on the front and back and a collapsible top handle. The locking door comes with two keys for your convenience. The Copernicus Premium Tech Tub2 comes backed by a lifetime warranty; the 10-outlet power strip is backed by a one-year warranty.

Choose from two sizes and order your Tech Tub2 online or over the phone. Call (877) 839-3330 and we will be happy to assist you.