Hands Together Border Rugs

Hands Together Border Rugs


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6' x 9'
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Looking for a new classroom rug? The Carpets for Kids Hands Together Border Rug is a colorful way to support diversity and hands-on learning in your classroom. This oval-shaped classroom rug features a border of 28 colorful hands with a blue center that is ideal for floor time learning. Since the eco-friendly classroom rug is constructed of nylon fiber, it can be easily recycled. The KIDply backing system provides excellent durability and prevents wrinkling and creasing without affecting the softness of the rug. Advanced stain protection immerses each fiber bundle in stain blocker technology, so the entire carpet is protected, not just the top layer. The Carpets for Kids Hands Together Border Rug is made in the USA and comes backed by a lifetime abrasive wear warranty.

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