Califone Disposable Headphone Covers

Califone Disposable Headphone Covers


$ 25 95 - $ 28 95

Diameter: reset
1.5" - 3"
2.2" - 3.7"
12 Pairs

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Califone Disposable Headphone Covers keep your ear cups clean and hygienic. These 100 percent polyester fiber covers have elastic edging that allows them to fit on headphones snugly. They fully enclose the ear cushions and help deflect perspiration in hot, humid conditions and will not affect the overall sound quality. Since students are no longer in direct contact with the vinyl ear cushions, many will find listening with the headphone covers to be more comfortable. You'll receive 12 pairs (24 total) of Califone Disposable Headphone Covers. Available in three sizes.

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