Carpeted Portable Stages

Carpeted Portable Stages


$ 740 95 - $ 1,495 95

Stage Size: reset
4'L x 3'D x 16"H
4'L x 3'D x 24"H
4'L x 3'D x 8"H
4'L x 4'D x 16"H
4'L x 4'D x 24"H
4'L x 4'D x 8"H
6'L x 3'D x 16"H
6'L x 3'D x 8"H
6'L x 4'D x 16"H
6'L x 4'D x 24"H
6'L x 4'D x 8"H
8'L x 3'D x 16"H
8'L x 3'D x 24"H
8'L x 3'D x 32"H
8'L x 3'D x 8"H
8'L x 4'D x 16"H
8'L x 4'D x 24"H
8'L x 4'D x 32"H
8'L x 4'D x 8"H

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AmTab’s sturdy Carpeted Portable Stages provide a temporary surface for graduations, musical performances or other special events. Each portable stage unit features a heavy duty steel frame and a carpeted top in your choice of four colors. A built-in coupling system locks stage units together in level or dual-height arrangements. Several units can be connected to create multi-level stages, runways or large platforms. When the performance is over, they break down quickly and fold flat for easy storage. AmTab Portable Stages are backed by a 15 year warranty. Choose from several sizes and heights.

At Schools In, we work hard to deliver the best value on school furniture to our customers. And when it comes to portable stages, not many can compete with our product knowledge or our number of satisfied customers. So if you have any questions about our school staging equipment, give us a call at (877) 839-3330. A member of our friendly customer service team will be happy to help.