MS2L Personal Headphones Lab Packs

$88.95 - $223.95

Give each student in your class his or her own pair of headphones and stay under budget with Hamilton's MS2L Personal Headphones Lab Packs. Each pack includes headphones, reclosable plastic bags and a lockable plastic carrying case (12 pack comes with a laminated cardboard case). With comfy leatherette on-the-ear cups and an adjustable headband, the headphones are a listening aid kids will be happy to wear. Write a student's name on each plastic bag and seal the headphones inside after class to help prevent the spread of head lice. These headphones are compatible with computers, iPods, iPads, CD players, Mac and PC computers and more. Hamilton's M2SL Personal Headphones Lab Packs are great for Common Core assessments. Choose 12, 24 or 30 headphones.

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