Euro Reversible Projection Marker Board/Cork Boards

$403.95 - $535.95

Best-Rite's Euro Reversible Projection Marker Board/Cork Board provides a high-quality projection surface and plenty of writing and tacking space in one space-saving board. This mobile reversible board features a matte gray magnetic porcelain-on-steel marker board on one side and a self-healing, natural cork board on the second side. The projection surface provides exceptional sharpness and clarity, eliminating projection dullness caused by external light sources. Rotate the surface with ease and lock into place at your desired angle. The contemporary black anodized aluminum frame has an eye-catching design that keeps the board from tipping. Move the board from classroom to classroom on the 4" locking casters. Nest the board with other Euro boards for compact storage. This Best-Rite Euro Reversible Projection Marker Board/Cork Board is TAA compliant.

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